Saturday, October 3, 2009

Streets At Midnight

Walking these streets, these dangerous streets at midnight. Interacting with smokers looking for a light, thinking how I should have brought those matches. Addressing young ladies looking for a good time, asking where there can find people like me. I wish them good luck. Finding old friends in new bars, asking how they've been. I wonder how the world ever got on without me. I wonder how it gets on with me. I'm so very drawn to the life I no longer live. And yet I fit in the life I have. It is as though I can keep living this double life, as long as I don't tell myself it is happening. Live the life of want and the life of need simultaneous. Indeed I can but should I? Why not. Nothing has ever gotten in my way before. I don't suggest trying now. Walking these streets at midnight is easy, because I am the danger. And I am on my way home. Sleep tight.

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