Thursday, October 1, 2009

Male vs Female Part 1

Equality means nothing in the realm of gender. To measure the differences and similarities between two objects, there needs to be common ground. Even apples and oranges have enough characteristics to compare significantly. They are both generally round fruit with an outer skin that keeps the softer guts in and both can be pressed into juice. People, not so easy. 

Sure we are humans, so all the basic similarities are there. But it isn't our bodies that make humans so special, it is more our minds and emotional states that give us our spice. Many would argue men are stronger than women, but then there's the argument for childbirth and the pain females can endure. A counter argument would be the disproportion of police involvement in a physical domestic struggle between a man and a woman. The man always being seen as the aggressor even when the woman is seen doing the hitting. 

Then there is the situation that brought about this line of thinking today. What do guys and girls want in the world? I've heard girls answer; a good man, good woman, more shoes, more money, nice house, servants, a crown, everything etc... basically everything and anything they've ever dreamed possible. Typical man answer? Nice car and a hot girlfriend(s). 

Why is this? Is it because men only think about sex all day and that's all that is important? Maybe. 

As a guy, I can tell you that from day one I was told one thing. A man should be strong, self reliant and a gentleman. From that piece of advice i should be able to provide for myself, cook, clean and be a generally good guy right? Add to that the education speech and the bit about the importance of family and what do you have? A complete person. 

Then the sky opens and your hormones fire up and suddenly you notice the differences between you and women. They're naturally softer, smaller, smell nicer sometimes. And suddenly your mind wonders where to put these strange creatures that seem to be taking up more and more of your time. Why do they plague you and what are they good for? Anyone who knows how to organize knows there is a place for everything, so what is their place? 

Fortunately today we (most of us) know better than to try and determine someone else's spot especially across gender lines, but it would seem if you as a man can be everything you need then what else do you need? Sex. Once you have it you find it is what you've been missing. Ya know unless its awful, then you might want to try it again to get an improvement. Like rolling the dice you win some you lose some. can't win unless you play though. 

So in a perfect world, men and women are sentient beings who don't need either party unless it is for companionship right? Naw no thanks. 

Once you get past the human thing and get into the hearts and minds, men and women are miles apart. I blame emotions. They hit hard and always mean something even when it seems they come from nowhere. Men are told to suppress while women are told to express. After 16 years of that, no wonder we find it hard to see eye to eye. We've been growing apart since pink and blue. 

So back to the point. If women want a lot of things in a man it is probably because they want a lot of things in life. Girls just want to have fun right? They want to have new experiences and make memories and live a full life. Men want to get laid. Women may judge a man by his job, his house, his car, his hair, his clothes, his appearance, his hobbies, his demeanor, his past and his perceived future. A man may judge you on your appearance and desire to lay him. 

::shrug:: Worse shit has happened. Granted it is a sliding scale based on looks and ability depending on the first girl he ever had sex with. But it is still a pretty simple way to find a mate. Easier than having to google her life before deciding whether you'll date her or not. 

I never understood why girls would get offended by this. It's like a pass fail course. Either you want to sleep with us or not, drop a small bit of info why on your way out and keep it moving. Men can get conversation and companionship from friends, family and assorted pets. You can have roommates that cook and clean, or if you have the funds pay people to. But sex is something that is said to be shared between people and it is supposed to be special and all that stuff. It brings babies, keeps you feeling young, gives you a good workout and feels great. Sounds like a wonderful way to pick a life partner. Just saying.

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