Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rain Walk

A good time to think is always when you're most distracted. Light becomes so important when Your vision is blurred. Little drops of liquid catching eyelids can cause the biggest diversion when footing, pace, stature and balance are goals to be maintained. It'd be easier to slow, but the longer you take the wetter you become. Sometimes it is best to accept the consequences and have them done.

We can be impressed with the impressive, mostly because we are told to be. Promotions, achievements, gold stars are all things that say "I did something worthy". Worthy of what? The last time I was truly impressed was by a dancer named Kassandra in a very unimpressive place. Her gold star was a twenty for showing up.

That would be our eventual ending, in this world of all inclusiveness. Everyone gets a trophy, everyone is special. Everyone is the best in their own way, best at being themselves. What if I was a better you than you? Can I win your title? Would I get your trophy? Can I compete for your life? If I lived up to all your expectations for yourself, I should get something for it right?

A wall full of gold stars on frames of strangers. With a placard above reading, "World's Best Dream thief" Stealing all those lives already being tossed away. Picking them up as I go like drops of rain.

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