Saturday, October 3, 2009

One Line Magic

Much like cocaine, I've found my favorite feelings stem from one line, stumbled upon in the obscurity of observation. Barely heard, barely noticeable and just enough to peak the attention, peek behind the curtain, follow the tunnel. 

"Doesn't it make you feel better"
The beginning of my love for Nine Inch Nails.

Back when I had cable, back when MTV was about music, back when the MTV News would talk about relevant topics, they had a TV spot that would be all types of sounds and parts of songs that would end in the sung phrase "doesn't it make you feel better". I found out through some searching, not on-line since I had no computer back then, that it was part of a NIN song. The first song I heard was "Perfect Drug". From there came "Closer", "Deep" and many others. Until I finally found "March of the Pigs". All it was, all i wanted, was just one little line in a song that was completely different. And it was good. And I felt better. 

"Goodbye Lament"
The Re-Education by Grohl.

Being an avid Nirvana fan, watching MTV and seeing the man I recognized as the former drummer in a new band was cool. Getting the CD "The Colour and the Shape" was cooler. And then I heard a song, that I knew was Dave Grohl's voice. The radio station didn't say the name of the song or who it was by, but I knew the voice. I bought every single Foo Fighters CD that was available and searched for that song, to no avail. And then one day at Faneuil Hall in Boston, I came across a music store. It had such a wide selection I figured it had to be in here. After searching all Nirvana's CD's, all the Foo Fighter's live CD's and coming up empty I resorted to asking for help. I explained my issue and even sang the lines to the lady at the counter. She suggested maybe it was on a compilation album. Ever hear of a man named Tony Iommi? With that name in hand I found a way to download the song and I've been listening to metal ever since. Which led me to Probot, the Dave Grohl metal project. Which kept me looking around basing my searches on single artists instead of whole bands. One thing led to the next and now I have all of the Queens of the Stone Age albums and I'm working on finishing up the Eagles of Death Metal CD's. The most important thing I learned was to trust my favorite artists' favorites. 

Dig and you'll find gold. Skim the surface and you'll scrape mud.

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