Thursday, March 29, 2012


A sudden awareness of intangible things. I'd like to say, "like wearing sheets" but I know it is closer to webs. Green, glowing sticky webs touching everything in the universe, tying it all together. Keeping us altogether connected. The inherent logic of such a rebirth of course seems forced but I've already lived 20 some odd years thinking this way already ready already. Why not have the day that starts a "revolution" (what a wasted and overused word) be the day we begin counting down to the finish line. 

Now cooler heads know the finish line is rarely an end, more of a breathing room to regroup and restart a different path. Wonder which you are? We could spend all night questioning, but the sedentary talker was never me. I'd take you on a foot tour of Paris (thatshitcray) and never miss one tourist trap while discovering your entire lineage in a day. It's what I also have been up to these past 20 odd somethings...