Saturday, October 3, 2009

Before It Is Over

If humans are made from divine design, then like computers we must have a basic operating system. This would be our "religion", the reason for the way we think and act. The code by which we live. Some of us are Linux, logical, original and constantly changing to suit what we see as our need at the time. So independently made, it ranges from magical to rigorously scientific. Some of us are Macs, the new wave of believers just waiting to prove the world wrong. Always looking for another way through and another way to make things work. But most of us are Microsoft. Our beginning will be our end, this is how we started and this is how we think it should be. Easy to use, hard to fix.Vulnerable to all types of plagues and assaults because we're just going with the flow.

I'm beginning to wonder if maybe somewhere in the programming, we got it wrong. If you teach a child to speak and spell incorrectly by using bad grammar in the home, how do you expect them to get better in school? And if they become teachers themselves? A new generation of bad speakers and spellers sending skewed signals throughout the schools. Until eventually lol and stfu are integrated into our social consciousness as "words". Are they words just because we say them and write them?

This is just another way to look at what religious teaching has done to cultures over time. If you've never played a game of telephone(one person gives a whispered message to the next, seeing if it will stay the same) then maybe you can't see how even written words could be misread, misused and misinterpreted. I tend to think over thousands of years, imperfect machines may mess it up. What makes humans any different?

For everyone who believes in anything.

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