Saturday, October 3, 2009

...For Your Trouble

Tipping is an interesting notion. You pay for services, and then you pay the server for serving those services. As if to say, thanks for the effort. Thanks for giving a damn about what you do.

To me, that's what affection is. Its tipping a person for their love. Thanking them for giving a damn about you. The more you give, the more you appreciate them.

I'm usually a pretty big tipper only because I don't like to go out unless I've got the money to spend and I've worked in many service industries so I know every little bit helps. But not everybody is. I understand the feeling of being taken advantage of and the fears people have of giving more than they can spare. But give and it will come back to you.

I've never been afraid to give to anyone. Even people who don't look like they deserve it. But usually, they're the ones who need it most. Feel me?

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