Sunday, October 18, 2009

Doing It.

Had a show in Roxbury last night. First time I've ever been to Roxbury. Can you guess how lost I got with mapquest directions AND a GPS? now before anyone comments, it isn't because I didn't use them properly, it is because I was lead to believe one city wouldn't love a street name so much as to name four different streets the same thing differentiating by the endings; ave, way, park, court. SO looking for Walnut Park while on Walnut Ave, passing Walnut Ct and not giving a damn about Walnut's Way I had to call somebody...who told me to call somebody else lol. Who had to ask somebody, before getting me to where I used to be and then figuring out where I actually was and having me turn back around to go somewhere else. 

Strangely, I was one of the first performers to arrive AND on time. Good thing too cause the place was next door to a laundry mat and parking was slim. Not too strangely, I was catching fuzzy looks when I walked in and all that stopped as soon as I started singing. Sometimes its best being a stranger. Gives you a chance to shock the crowd and give them something they weren't expecting. A good time. 

P.S. I need my own damn GPS lol. 

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